Parents Review Products

Parents reviewing products used by their children

LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces

I loved Legos growing up so buying them for my children is very exciting. This set includes instructions on building several small Lego models. The models are at just the right level of difficulty for young Lego builders. Also, this set has just the right number of pieces for this age of builder; you don’t want millions pieces around for novice builders, because they won’t be able to find the pieces they need. I love the educational aspects of Legos as well as the creativity and ingenuity they promote!

I would recommend getting a bigger set like the Lego Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box for a more experienced builder.  This set includes more models and the more pieces allow for more creativity when they are free building. Legos are a great toy to enjoy with your children whether you are helping them build or watching them learn.


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