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Parents reviewing products used by their children

Disney Princess Songs Palace

Obviously this is very comparable to the Monster High School Playset but for the younger aged children I prefer the Disney Princess Songs Palace.

This was not that complicated to build. Make sure you have a screwdriver and also batteries on hand since the toy does not come with any. It takes 3 triple AAA’s. Having a toddler in the house, I make sure I always have batteries on hand because their (toddlers) toys seem to go through them fast. Make sure you recycle them if you get the disposal ones.

My two year old immediately fell in love with this playset. She has played with it nearly every day, at this point it is her favorite toy. She loves to seat the little people, Cinderella and Snow White, at their chairs and place them at the table and fake feed them with the fake fruit plate on the table. She does this a lot! There is a button in the kitchen that has a bird singing. When you open the doors, a trumpet sounds. A side staircase goes up and down on one side. She does not seem interested in that though. She loves moving the little people around the house and playing with them.

Quality toy from an exceptional company! I would highly recommend this toy for your toddler’s imagination to grow and for them to role play.


2 comments on “Disney Princess Songs Palace

  1. loving mom
    November 9, 2012

    all of the pieces were not included when I bought this for my daughter.

    once I received the missing pieces and put the castle together my daughter loved it!

    • Author
      November 9, 2012

      When I was researching the product a few other people pointed that out to me. I am glad they sent your pieces though, and even happier that your daughter loves it!

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